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About Brad Diller

Brad Diller - Creator of Funday MorningMy first cartoons appeared in 1992 and ran continuously until 2000 when I left the newspaper business to pursue a career as a freelance illustrator.

My comics have appeared in Funny Times, the Cleveland Plain Dealer, The Charleston Daily Mail (Charleston, WV), the now-defunct Nashville Banner, and the Reno Gazette Journal, as well as various other smaller papers too numerous to mention.

Besides illustration, I’ve also been a bartender, baker, carpet layer, writer and ambitiously irresponsible.  I’m also very good at expressing opinions on things I know nothing about.

Currently, I live in Reno, NV with my wife and our cat.  I am partners in a printing company that specializes in backstage passes, media and security credentials and pretty much any event that needs ID tags.

My other interests are music, reading and collecting watches.  Life is good!

Thanks for reading my cartoons.  I hope you enjoy them.

Evolution of a Funday